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Principal Investigators
T.-C. He, MD PhD (Google Scholar PubMed)
Rex C. Haydon, MD PhD
Hue H. Luu, MD
Russell R. Reid, MD PhD
Lewis L. Shi, MD
Sherwin Ho, MD
Michael J. Lee, MD
Jennifer M. Wolf, MD
Aravind Athiviraham, M.D.
Michael A. Simon, MD
Research Staff
Wei Jiang, BA
Tao Sun, MSc.
Elliot Bishop, MD (PGY5)
Zongyue Zeng, MD, PhD
Shifeng Huang, MD, PhD
Chengfu Yuan, MD, PhD
Linghuan Zhang, MD, MSc.
Wei Liu, MD, MSc.
Bo Huang, MD, MSc.
Yixiao Feng, MD, MSc.
Bo Zhang, MD, MSc.
Zhengyu Dai, MD, PhD
Yi Shen, MD, PhD
Wenping Luo, DVM, PhD
Xi Wang, MD, MSc.
Bo Liu, MD, MSc.
Yan Lei, MD, MSc.
Zhenyu Ye, MD, MSc.
Ling Zhao, MD, MSc.
Daigui Cao, MD, MSc.
Lijuan Yang, MD, MSc.
Xian Chen, MD, PhD.
Mikhail (Misha) Pakvasa, MS3
Sami Mostafa, MS3
Alex Alverdy, MS3
Elam Coalson, MS2
Mia Spezia, Undergraduate


Daniel Mass, MD
John M. Martell, MD
Brian Toolan, MD
Jovito Angeles, M.D.
James Mok, MD

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