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(For Researchers Who Request Reagents from UCMOLab)

AdEasy: A Recombinant Adenovirus Construction System (He, et al., PNAS 95:2509-2514)

pTHE: A Single Vector-based Tetracycline Inducible System (Jiang, et al., JBC 276: 45168-45174)

pMOLUC: A Lower Copy Number Vector for Cloning (Feng, et al., BioTechniques  32: 992-998)

293-GEM: A GFP-based Wnt/b-Catenin Assay System (Zhou, et al., BioTechniques  33:1126-1135)

C2C12 Microarray Supplemental Data (Peng, et al., J. Cell. Biochem. 90: 1149-1165)

pTLOX: Tetracycline/Cre Dual Regulation of Gene Expression (Park, et al., BioTechniques 39: 390-396)

PCR Primers: Id HLH Protein Study Supplemental Data (Peng, et al., JBC 279: 32941-32949)

PCR Primers: CTGF Study Supplemental Data (Luo, et al.,  JBC  279:55958-55968)

pSOSSelecting and validating optimal siRNA sites (Luo et al., GENE, 2007) [ pSOS and  pSES vectors]

pCS3: A Modified Expression & in vitro Transcription Vector

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